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Principal’s Welcome Message

With the decreasing number of students enrolling at EQHS, the school is beset to evaluate its curriculum, whether it is continuously relevant to the needs of its educational constituents.  It is to satisfy the requirements of residents living within the vicinity to entrust to us the education of their children.

       A new packaging is essential to increase the enrolment and collaboration among teachers, students and other stakeholders are vital for a paradigm shift. We need to hit our target and find meaningful solution to equip millennial learners the necessary competencies for surviving in this globally competitive world.

       With the limited funding coming from the local and national government, we are challenged to utilize the available resources to make the impossible be possible. Our school is more than 50 years old and demolition of the old structure is in the offing. Temporary shelters to house the students with the perceived construction are basic to continue provide our mandates. Readiness to   face difficult situations and challenges are requisite of an effective and efficient educational manager.

       Just recently, we make partnership with the Polytechnic University of the Philippines on research productivity and capability training to enhance the knowledge and skills of our teachers. We made linkages and networking not only to educational institutions but also to private companies, government and non-government organization to advance the interest of the school.

       And it bears fruit for us, the school continuously landed on top, such as in journalism, TLE-HE and TLE-Vocational, and awarded as one of the outstanding local implementer of Boys and Girls Week Celebration 2018.

       The 99 % passing rate in the National Certification provided by TESDA to our Senior High School Students is our gauge that determine the capability of our curricular offerings. Thus, added strand of STEM and HUMSS shall be opened aside from ABM in the Academic Track. Alongside with the strand Cookery, Bread and Pastry (NCII), Food and Beverage Services (NCII), Automotive Servicing (NCII), Carpentry (NCII), Electrical Installation and Maintenance (NCII) and Electronics Product Assembly and Servicing (NCII), Information and Technology shall be opened in the Vocational and Livelihood Track.

       Hand in hand, EQHS will ensure to realize the vision, mission and core values of the Department of Education.

Dr. Dante A. Felizardo

 Principal IV


May 2019
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